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What Are Some Antibubble Tricks?

If you add a little salt to the water in the bottle, your antibubbles will sink. If you put food coloring in the bottle water, the antibubbles will be colored. This is another way to prove to your friends that antibubbles do not contain air, but rather, they contain water.

Timothy's Antibubble A layer of honey on the bottom of the bowl will cushion the fall of salt filled antibubbles and stop them from popping when they hit the bottom. This way you can liesurely contemplate your antibubbles.

Maybe you can freeze antibubbles. I don't know.

Antibubble Science Projects

Antibubbles make great science projects. There are zillions of questions you could try to answer. One question I'd like answered is this: what is the thickness of the air layer? Of course Jessica Chang already did an excellent groundbreaking paper on this very topic using a density method. Maybe somebody could confirm her results with a photographic or laser diffraction method.

One recent science project I heard about was by Timothy Wismer. He gives many practical tips for making large antibubbles. And I've already mentioned Jasmine Gray's paper on long-lasting antibubbles.

Another great science project I know about was by Natalia in California. I think she really made a very nice trifold with excellent photos.

If you use this page as inspiration for a science project or other great things, please send me a photo and/or a description of your results. I will post them here with credit to you. You'll be famous!

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