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How Do I Learn More About Antibubbles?

The only article on antibubbles I've ever read was in the Scientific American in the "Amateur Scientist" section in the April 1974 issue.

I found no web pages on antibubbles --- that's why I wrote this one. But recently, some other ones have "popped" up. Here's a very nice page by Bill Beaty. If you have an antibubble web page, email me ( ) and I'll add a link.

Alberto G. Rojo of the Department of Physics at the University of Michigan tells me that The Science of Soap Films and Soap Bubbles, by C. Isenberg (Dover, 1992) mentions them in section 4.10.

There are some web pages devoted to "ordinary" bubbles. The Bubble Geometry page can show you how to make square bubbles. And Ron Hipschman has a very nice conventional bubble page with a comprehensive set of bubble links. An interesting image of the shock induced collapse of a hydrogen-oxygen bubble is here.

I'm no expert. Everything I know about antibubbles is in this page. If you need a real "bubblologist" is suggest you contact the Bubble Man

If you use this page as inspiration for a science project or other great things, please send me a photo and/or a description of your results. I will post them here with credit to you. You'll be famous!

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